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Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP)

The Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) is a mandatory product certification scheme put in place by SON to ensure that all locally manufactured products in the country conform to the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) before such products are presented for sale in the market or exported.

The programme started in 2006 and ensures compliance of Made-in-Nigeria products to the minimum requirements of the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) or Code of practice thereby promoting fair competition at both domestic and international markets, as well as safeguarding the safety and health of consumers in the overall interest of promoting economic and industrial development of Nigeria.

The procedures for MANCAP certification involve:

  1. Inspection of the production processes.
  2. Sampling and testing of the products against the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) to confirm compliance through conformity assessment processes.
  3. Report of inspections and test results are compiled by State Offices and forwarded to Product Certification Directorate for evaluation and recommendation for SON Management’s approval for certification.
  4. If the product meets the requirement of the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standard, MANCAP certificate and MANCAP logo which bears a unique number for that product is issued for the product upon payment of applicable administrative charges.

A MANCAP certificate is valid for three years after which the product must undergo recertification.

The MANCAP logo is to be fixed on the smallest unit pack of the product after which the product can be introduced into the market for sale.

The product is monitored through periodic factory inspections and testing to ensure consistent compliance to the Nigerian Industrial Standard by SON officials

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