We recognise the importance of online security and encourage web users to act safely online.

Fraudulent companies/individuals claiming to be associated with Services.gov.ng. Watch out for scam emails and websites

We are aware of cases where emails are sent falsely claiming to be from services.gov.ng. They typically encourage the recipient to reveal information such as bank details or to part with money as an up-front payment in order to release a prize.

Services.gov.ng will only ever use a secure website to collect personal or bank card details. Look for a padlock symbol in the browser window. The website address will begin with ‘https://'. If you click on the padlock, your browser will either give our full title (Government Services Portal), or identify our sites as part of services.gov.ng.

If you don't see a padlock, or if the site name is not what you are expecting, then you should not enter personal or financial information into the page.