Evaluate and Accredit your school certificate

To ensure that every results/certificates was issued by an accredited institute

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Certificate(s) is/are from authorized Examination bodies Institution(s) in the Country.

Citizen has purchased a voucher at designated bank or possesses a valid debit card for e-payment.

  1. You have to pay the required fee and have a receipt or proof of payment
  2. Log in to the portal. If you have do not have an account, create an account here.
  3. Ensure you have the scanned copies of the certificates you will want evaluated at hand before starting the application
  1. Eligibility letter is issued to the citizen after validation of certificate(s).
  2. Note: receipt of eligibility letter depends on collection mode selected by the citizen during application. The options are 'Pick Up' or 'By post'
  3. Note: if 'By Post' is selected, post fee will be added to the application fee