Kogi State

Created on August 27, 1991, Kogi state covers a total area of 29,833 km2 (11,519 sq mi) and has a total population of 3,314,043 as at the 2006 census. With an average population density of 70/km2 (180/sq mi) and a total GDP (2010) of $4,642 Million, at $1,386 Per Capita.

Kogi state is found in the central region of Nigeria. It is popularly called the Confluence State because the confluence of River Niger and River Benue is at its capital, Lokoja, which is the first administrative capital of modern-day Nigeria. It was in Lokoja, that the name Nigeria, was coined by Flora Shaw, the future wife of Baron Lugard, a British colonial administrator, while gazing out at the river that stretched before her in the late 19th century.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy and the principal cash crops are coffee, cocoa, palm oil, cashews, groundnuts, maize, cassava, yam, rice and melon. Mineral resources include coal, limestone, iron, petroleum and tin. The state is home to the largest iron and steel industry in Nigeria known as Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited. One of the largest cement factories in Africa, the Obajana Cement Factory has just been built there.

Major Towns:

  • Ajaokuta
  • Okene
  • Idah
  • Lokoja
  • Kabba

State Governor

Kogi state governor

Idris Wada (born August 26, 1950) is a pilot who assumed office in January 2012, he is a member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).