How can I contact the administrators of the portal?

To contact the administrators for feedback or enquires, click the Feedback button by the right side of your page.

How can i create an account on the services.gov.ng?

To create an account, click here. On successful account creation, you will receive an email and sms of your account login details. Ensure you use a valid email address while creating your account

Who is services.gov.ng for?

The services.gov.ng portal is for all Nigerian Citizens. Foreigners who also wish to get some information about Nigeria will find it very useful

How can i download and get started with the Single Window Toolkit

Log in to services.gov.ng, go to 'Download Site', select the template you need and click on download. If you do not see 'Download Site' it means you do not have the roles needed to download these toolkits. If you require the role, kindly fill the feedback form and you will be attended to after proper assessments.

How can i apply and get my National Identity card?

To apply for your National Identity Card, kindly click here

How can i apply for JAMB , NECO or Check my Results Online

The services.gov.ng portal guides you through the process of registering for exams and checking your exam results. Click here to get started

How can i apply and get my Driver's License?

To apply for your Driver's License, kindly click here

How can I pay my tax as a citizen?

The Federal Inland Revenue Service is in charge of tax administration. Visit their site here to find out more information on how to remit your taxes site

How can I provide feedback to improve services.gov.ng?

Visit our feedback page to provide feedback, make suggestions or complaints about services.gov.ng

How can I find information about Nigeria on services.gov.ng?

Explore Nigeria feature has been placed on the home page for easy and swift access to information on the 36 states in Nigeria and FCT. Asides this, you can also check out our footer links. The footer links are available from any page you visit on the portal.

How can I use the Explore Nigeria Application on services.gov.ng?

The explore Nigeria feature is on the home page of services.gov.ng. It shows a map of Nigeria, and on hover, the selected state slogan is displayed. Clicking on any state takes you to state's page where you can view a short history, governor and natural resources found in the state.

How do i get my international passport or renew it?

Visit the immigration site to find out more about obtaining or renewing your international passport

How can i connect with the government on social media?

Tweet at us on @ngrcommtech or visit the twitter page, check out the facebook page, or mail us at roundtable@commtech.gov.ng

How do i tweet about services.gov.ng?

Visit your twitter account and hashtag #services.gov.ng